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    NZHondas Newbie
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    b18cr cam question

    hi, im just doing a few mods to my b16a motor (da) and i have a pair of b18cr cams lying around and was wondering if i can use the type r cams with the stock itr gears or b16a cam gears ? will this work or will i have to buy some adjustable cam gears?

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    Team NZH: Order of Merit bmgjet's Avatar
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    Re: b18cr cam question

    Instead of out right giving you the answer since its been covered so many times and a search would tell you for sure, here is how you would find out.

    Does it have the same amount of teeth, is the gear the same size, is the key way in the same place relative to the up arrows.
    Put them side to side and you should be able to figure it out.

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    Re: b18cr cam question

    it will be fine, but you may wana look at getting itr valvetrain?
    "dude I almost had you"

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    Re: b18cr cam question

    They are the same.

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    Re: b18cr cam question

    You could get away with the vavle train from a b16a I had a poor mans type r and I used ctr cams and they were sweet but I did have it on the back of my mind If they were gonna fail or not but I used adjustable cam gears but for piece of mind try get Itr valve train there was a guy on here that selling them cheap
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    Re: b18cr cam question

    Quote Originally Posted by Gudgen View Post
    They are the same.
    Thats the easy way to answer the question haha.

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