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    Brake pads + disc skimming costs


    I went into mechanic after my car started making a loud whining noise when reversing

    They took the wheels off and said I need 4 new brake pads plus all 4 of my discs skimmed.

    Got a quote for $495. Anyone know what a fair price would be and if they could recommend anyone in the Chirstchurch area.


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    Re: Brake pads + disc skimming costs

    Sometimes it's cheaper to buy discs rather then skim them. I got 2x discs from my local trade parts for $60 each..not the best..they're dba, but good enough for road use. Brake pads depending where you go can get for as low as as $80-120 for front sets and slighly cheaper on rear. Parts alone if you can find the proper places would be around $300 i'd imagine or cheaper. so $495 might be ok if they use good stuff and do it for you.
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    Re: Brake pads + disc skimming costs

    can you do the brakes yourself..??.almost $500 is way to much in my books....i got 300mm euro r disc an some really good brake pads for all four for my eg civic,got them for $200 an fit them my havnt got anyone that can help besides the shop.?
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    Re: Brake pads + disc skimming costs

    Depending on what you use the car for repco brake pads will probably be fine (silverline) and cost around $50 for the fronts. Most places will skim brake discs for around $50 a set so ring around a few places like safe r brakes, pitstop, undercar etc

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