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    Headers and Cams for K20\K24 build

    Anyone know which headers clear the firewall and sway bar on a EP3 with K20a head\K24 block build? Have had a hard time getting in touch with Jacky from Jtune. I currently have type r cams, but seeing if i can go larger on stock k24 internals. The yanks seem to be fond of the Kelford 179-A's on a k20/k24 builds, but they are mainly upgrading from k20a2 spec cams, I only see fractionally better from exhaust side from a k20 or maybe im not accounting for VTC.

    JDM K20a
    k20a- durration intake 320*
    exhaust 318*
    lift (mm) intake 12.27
    exhaust 10.77

    Kelford 179-A
    Inlet Inlet Exhaust Inlet Exhaust Inlet Exhaust
    179-A 302 298 260 254 12.2mm 11.2mm Variable 105

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    Re: Headers and Cams for K20\K24 build

    We used Kelford stage 1 all the details are on this N/A thread no need for the K20 head , we used Toda headers.

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