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  1. haha put wood in the dip or sheet metal. gota steel ramp for mine. oh mean mean too hope the next meet has good lighting and undercover
  2. haha yeah hard , but my new driveway would probably rip it off thats why i havnt saked the rear yet . Yeah bro keen as , this time well try get some pics.
  3. just dont hit it on stuff lol. you comin to the next meet?
  4. jet black , yeah there $150 from speedfactory have to order them next time i wana try get it like in carbon firbe
  5. oh mean. what colour you going to paint it? you shud get a dc2 lip for your front>>>
  6. yeah , nah not carbon just vented one . ive tried the lip doesnt fit i think cause mine is facelift
  7. getting a carbon hood? bro will luk mean what you doing. at pick a part avondale they got that rear lip you want.
  8. lol far you've done heaps , cant wait to see it when its done . havnt done much yet just sounds and lights waiting for new hood , halo lights and was going to get some black deep dish. looking for a grille aswel and front lip give it a evil look
  9. What mods you doing bro? should have heaps for next meet. new taillights, cert for camber arms and the height, new lip and grille coming, got new intake pipe, strut brace, timer and alarm
  10. Sup bro , its going well should have a few mods for next meet. Hows yours coming along ?
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