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  1. um the profile is 45s? yea would be good to have light on our cars this time lol
  2. Bad as bro , getting low profile tires aswel ? , yeah hard and better parking with the lights.
  3. I went to Hyper and found the same set but DTM brand soo bought them with new tires. They are ordering them in and get them tomorrow. We should go to the next meet earily so then hopefully we can get picks of our cars lined up
  4. yeah they look mean like that , oh true those would of looked good .
  5. Yea bro just do that.. thats what im doing. I found out those dont fit my car, it shows multi stud but the wheels in stock arent multi and are the wrong size.
  6. nah lols it will probably rip off , just gona keep it nice and low then put a lip. Those gold dishes will look good .
  7. Oh true, you want a bodykit? Yeah trying to find a good set
  8. this guy from hamillton i think hes got a full body kit he wanted to trade for standard one . oh true should get some white 17s like this
  9. where were you going to get it from? ive found someone to buy my itr wheels soo might not have them for the meet now
  10. mean , will look bad as and super low with that front lip , hopefully no bumps along the way like last time lol. Yeah bro keen to convoy again ?
    yeah the hinges didnt match up and it had a scope not vented like i wanted so didnt buy it
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