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  1. Is ICEKRM coming? Would be mean 4 accords lined up. 2 other accords arent coming.
  2. oh true lol yeah ill tell him aswel on facebook and try get ICEKRM parked up with us too hopefully well all get a mean pic
  3. sweet sounds good. am trying to get chris to bring his CD accord rather than his wagon
  4. hard lol even said in that booklet we got last meet from that cop about certs , yeah just gona wash it on the day before meet well try get good parking this time and try get all cd accords in a row
  5. Weird ae lol your car ready for the meet?
  6. lol what ? didnt he check your height tho. you only need a cert if the car is lower than 100mm or if its on adjustables
  7. nah just a cop pulled me over and said i needed a cert for putting lowering springs in
  8. oh true how come ? , lol i havnt been pulled over in my accord yet . been past cops and stuff but its 20mm too low in front so they could sticker it. did you get done for ur springs ?
  9. Im selling my camber kit on NZ Hondas. Bro when you get pulled up do the cops say you need a cert for your lowering springs?
  10. yeah there low , would look mean with the camber kit . hopefully well get some good pics aswel
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