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  1. I will be bringing my 14 month girl along with me, Joff is bringing along his little boy too. Could mae a great family day of it really! Unfortunately my wife is off to Martinborough for that weekend, so I'm going it alone ha ha!
  2. Churs for PM dude, I'm definitely a maybe at this stage. Mrs has been suggesting taking the girl to see this at some stage.
  3. Hey mate you interested in coming along to Southwards next weekend (31st July) ??

    Would be good to put a face to the name on here, and it's always nice to talk cars with a car enthusiast!
  4. No I live and work in Welly so would only occasionally be on the Esplanade, and not usually in rush hour. (I camp out there with a bucket of KFC every once in a while when the missus & kid are doing something else.)

    Will look out for your Accord though, you don't see a lot of red ones around. Looks pretty good if your photos are anything to go by...
  5. Ahhhhhhhhh perhaps it is you I see travelling the Esplenade most mornings then??
    I try to look as to whom is driving (don't know why as I don't even know what you look like) but yeah, it's quite a tidy lookin beastie. If you see a red Honda accord with a large personalised plate with PWNAGE on it wave out so I know its you.
  6. Hey chap - yes I do also have a mustard/almond Triumph with Minilites and a venetian blind in the back window. Bought that one about a year ago as a daily driver when my red car went off the road for some work. (Unfortunately the red car went off the road into my Dad's carport in Rotorua so progress is a bit slow in getting it back on the road again! Every time I go up there to do some work on it, we end up increasing the scope of work faster than we complete things.... )

    Yellow car looks good due to the minilites and a recent re-spray by the previous owner. But mechanically it is a bit dodgy.

    Red car needs a paint job and work on the leather. But I am pretty committed to that car now due to the amount of money spent over the years on rust repairs, as well as overhauls of almost everything mechanical. And it is my dream project Triumph for the forseeable future; if/when it is complete it will be a car I wouldn't trade even for a Jag or a fast Japanese car...
  7. You wouldn't happen to own a Beige / mustard coloured Triumph as well??
  8. Good to see another fellow Car Enthuisiast in our midst, best intro to our forums that I have ever seen. Welcome along to NZH!!
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