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Conversation Between getrichster and csingh

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  1. ye man . bt i gota be home b4 10
  2. You taking your car to the meet bro?
  3. VV - Local wendys
  4. Haha you actually heard me. Fix your right break light bro. Car is lookin mean!
  5. sup bro! the man revving at me see my new height? lol
  6. sup bro hows it goin?
  7. bro can i borrow it plz plz plz plz plz?
  8. i got a spring compressor bro
  9. yea i chucked the springs in. but the car went higher! lol, im tryna hunt down a spring compressor so i can chuck them in my EF shocks lol im loosing hope lol. if this doesnt work- adjusties! haha
  10. That video sucks! Thats what they do here after certain amount of strikes
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