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    Can you text me your address please and wht time will be suitable for you in the weekend.. Thanks 0211375425
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    havent run it down the quarter yet ae? every time a run on the strip is about to come something breaks lol. but um, not to sure on the cams but have aftermarket cam gears? and sweet would you kno wea i could get the chip done?
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    oh thats cool then, yea im running a b18c in the crx, beats most turbos as it is, fully thrash turbos wen running nos (as exspected) but just wana try get it to run a twelve. new to hondas so not to sure wat else to do to a vtec. got evrything in it i think except a aftermarket ecu. you thnk a chip an a remap would be enough?
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    dats mean!!! how did it compare with just vtec? big diffrence? cause evryone telling me to turbo mine, but i like being able to beat turbos without having one? iv seen a car like mine with same engine run 12's,
    what do you thinks better, pure engine, or forced induction? i run nos in my crx aswell.
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    hey man, overlooked that u have a turb crx? do you rekon turbing you crx was worth the hassle and money?
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    A tiny bit - mainly autocross and motorkhana, but nothing on the track. NIMM will be my first proper track day.
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    Its certed at that height, with no one in it, sits at about the 100mm height. Just get sway bars, and some seriously fatter rubber, im going to be running 15x7's and some real stiff front suspension. But as for wheelspin, if you are circuit racing, you wont need to worry about it, drag racing, id be turboing a b18C :p
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    Suspension are King customs and KYB shocks. As for the D15, talk to Horny Devil. Its all bragging rights, and as for the 1.8 concept, the 1.6 classes are very fair, can get in and win on a stock engine if your suspension is right. 1.8 brings in ITR's with 50+k spent on em. You cant compete with that... And a 1.6 wit a few grand spend on it is a lethal weapon... Ive seen B16s demolish integras on occasion
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    Ive been through this argument myself. My D15 is pushing about 140-150hp and is giving up. B16a2 is the way to go, more torque, more hp, similar weight, and so many aftermarket parts. The d15's are cool, but to run quads on them and actually gain power and be competitive, you are looking at a 5k build. 5k gets you a mint b16 As for cage stiffening, ive got no strut braces, and i 3 wheel so easily i can rock the car while im inside
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    Id go with middle of the range. Cheap might be what ends up killing you. Just make sure you get an 8 point (rear shock towers, seats, front of car, and front shock towers) to give you more protection and stiffen the car up. Could always make a fibreglass sunroof panel. As for events, if your car is turbod, youll also be racing in a higher class (Open, as opposed to under 1600cc and under 2000cc)
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