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    Spark PLug Leads????

    Hey guys....just wondering how much will a good set of spark plug leads set me back...8 mm are the right ones to get for good performance aye???What brand is a good bet??

    And do they make much difference???


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    i have HEARD that aftermarket leads are no good and you can actually lose horsepower by changing from standard. Dont quote me on that though someone will confirm it.

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    my factory leads stuffed out so i got 8.5mm MSD ones........i find with these leads the car revs smoother but i doubt they add any more hp

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    My factory ones stuffed up too, now I'm using NGK blue, no complaints.
    I'll try and find out how much I paid.
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    Beyond have GAR 9.3mm for 200.
    I put them on my car....seems to be running alright
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    Its not the thickness really that is the big question, its the resistance of the actual wire inside so you get a bigger charge to the plug's. They all use about the same size wire, the extra thickness is just insulation.

    So if you get a set of leads with bigger wire inside and you have the factory charge going though it, your just getting more resistance, smaller spark etc..

    just generally.....
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    I thought bigger wire was less resistance??

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceboy
    I thought bigger wire was less resistance??
    sometimes what can affect it more is what the leads are made from
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    ive heard that eagle is a pretty good brand but i dont think they make 8 mm for b16as 7mm ones where about $80 and i dont think they really make much difference unless u have a fully worked engine.

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    TOVA ( has done a test of several different aftermarket lead sets and their conclusion was that the stock leads were best. I just looked at the dyno graph as I was skim-reading so I don't know if they were using upgraded ignition or anything, which I guess might make a difference.

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