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    Re: Looking to turbo my ef civic!

    Quote Originally Posted by B16aTurb View Post
    don't be that guy who doesn't finish it and ends up parting it out or selling it unfinished because it cost more than you wanted to spend
    ^like me

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    Re: Looking to turbo my ef civic!

    TBH there is only a handful of people in Dunedin that know a thing or 2 about Honda's. Unless you know the same people I do, things will be harder than you expect. Even with the resources you think you have between you and your friends.

    It is one thing to turbo a car. But it is another to turbo a Honda. If you go in the same direction as turboing a normal car as you would a Honda you WILL spend twice as much or have issue you have no idea how to fix.

    Do what you want. But drop me a line if you have any questions or trouble.

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    Re: Looking to turbo my ef civic!

    What do you plan to use for brakes?

    Just uprated pads or going to go the whole way and do a brake conversion?

    Id hate to have a sweet turbo setup if you cant even stop properly.

    Ive just purchased new rotors and pads for my car which are probably worth more than your car altogether.

    Cant skimp on safety.
    Circle Jerk Crew!!! Two many awards to list.

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    Re: Looking to turbo my ef civic!

    Just buy this and be done with it TBH. We were all 19 and stupid once too.

    But if you really want to do it yourself and learn along the way, just park your car up in the garage and take your sweet time.
    Apart from buying good quality parts, researching build threads on here to see what other people are doing and being prepared to spend ALOT, what other advice do you need?

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