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    Engine Bay repainting help/advice - good spray can brands??

    heres the story..

    Just helping out a mate do a wire tuck / shave on his bay. We fully stripped it and welded up all the wholes, and the whole thing has been grinded/sanded/wire wheeled back to bare metal.

    Now its not a show car or nething but we would like to get a half decent finish, and also importantly a durable one to, we dont want it chipping/peeling away after two weeks

    Can this be achieved with a spray can??

    I would prefer to use a sray can, cant really be bothered ripping out the compressor and spray gun( which is a piece of shit anyway)

    So we were going to do the following;

    etch primer it
    then high build primer / bog to smooth things out
    and finally clear coat

    does that sound about rite?

    Can anybody recomend a good brand of spray cans etc.. or any advice on which brands or where to get decent paint from.

    and any general advice on painting will be appreciated, example will also be great :thumbsup:

    thanks in advance --- Pm me for CUSTOM FABRICATION; headers, manifolds, exhausts, turbo setups, Chasis Prep etc. MyWork ___________________JESUS Loves U___

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    I'm pretty sure you could just go into a painters, give them the paint code, they mix the paint up and they can put it in a can for you... Not sure on cost though sorry.

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    por 15 :thumbsup:
    V7 STI

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    how hard is it to weld up?
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