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    Re: Cut and Polish - Did i get fleeced?

    Stay with the car and watch!
    The internetz its serious business

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    Re: Cut and Polish - Did i get fleeced?

    ^ theres something to be said for this. When i wax my cars it takes over 2 hours and thats just a simple clean and wax done by an amatuer!!
    Id expect it to take them at least an hour 30 and id also be hesitant of anyone approaching my car with an orbital polisher on a cut job.... so easy to ruin the paint
    if you don't know what your doing. Hopefully ducky will be able to chi[ in with his opinion
    Quote Originally Posted by dox View Post
    i hear pitstop are doing the mean exhaust jobs these days

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    Re: Cut and Polish - Did i get fleeced?

    Hey guys will keep you updated at this point we haven't finalized the time for me to take the car in for a re do over.

    Yep have been chatting to Ducky, hes been giving me some good advice. No doubt I will get him to service the paint work next time.

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    Re: Cut and Polish - Did i get fleeced?

    It sounds like they're happy to play ball with you on making sure you're satisfied, so hopefully the end result turns out to be done well. It's great to find a place that does a good job first time, but it's definitely the mark of a decent business when they're happy to apologise and offer to remedy the problem.

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    Re: Cut and Polish - Did i get fleeced?

    There seems to be a little confusion with what people expect from a cut and polish from a panel shop ,And of coarse you get what you pay for.

    a cheap cut and polish usual will result in them quickly running the buff over the car and washing it afterwards and unless your paint was
    completely buggered to start with then there wont be much of a difference in the befor and after results

    Most panel shops will not wax your car .wax is a spraypainters number one enemy and for that reason it will be hard to find anything in a panel
    shop that contains wax .

    Fading paint on red hondas will not polish back up and thats is because when they were painted in the factory the paint they used was a clear over base
    that means the cars were painted in the red colour and clear coated afterwards , and when it fades the colour fades under the clear coat so when u polish
    it all your doing is polishing the clear coat away and does not affect the colour

    If you want your car to look super shiney and all that stuff dont take it to a panel shop ,take your car to a detailer or a groomer and they will definatly wax your car
    how ever if your a cheapskate and only want to pay 50 bucks to get it done all they goona do is hose your car wit silicone and will make your car look real shiney
    for 2 days then it will all turn to shit

    So first lesson of they day is panel shops specialize in buffing cars to get rid of scratches and groomer/detailers make your car shiney.
    Second lesson of the day is dont be a tight arse when it comes to your car cause u will always get a poor result

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    Re: Cut and Polish - Did i get fleeced?

    Well, from what I see, its just a simple valeting job done, wash and wax job. to really do a proper job of cut and polish has various step upon finishing the car such as:

    -Decon the car
    -various light source to check paint defects
    -1 or 2 or 3 step compounding and polish to do the work (depending on condition) using rotary or DA
    -LSP applied upon finishing.
    These jobs can take from few hours to few days depending on what detail package you need.
    I am a detailer myself and importer of car care products. It is quite important especially in prep step that everything is prep properly before applying. From what I know, detailing package are not cheap it can range from 300+ - 800+ for a full detail. As detailing is a very labor intensive job and can take days to complete just one car. Professional car detailing products do not contain silicon that fills scratches and swirl.

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    Re: Cut and Polish - Did i get fleeced?

    was this the deal that was on yazoom before???
    The panel and place shop in Onehunga??? and you paid 80buxs for the job??

    LOL i took my car there at 8am in the morning, first car done and it was smooth as silk!!! the stone chip covering they job was shit but the cut and polish was pretty sweet, it was smooth when I picked up the car and could still see some of the swirls from the machine but once I got home I did a hand wax and it was bling!! lol

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