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DB8R in progress

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Hey all,

I bought a 96 integra DB8R about 3 months ago after driving it around for a long time as it was my best mates for 3.5 years.

Was always my favourite Honda that I had driven and always wished to get it, Always joked with my mate about buying it and he just said "its yours just show me the cash", So I literally went back to his house with the car one morning after sober driving him with cash in hand and didn't give the keys back haha.

When I purchased the integra It was bone stock no modifications except the cusco adjustable suspension sitting in the boot.

Being me I put them in straight away and slammed it drove it around for awhile got pinky'd sold adjustable's and got another wof this time I want to do it properly legal as I can get with a few tricks.

I sticker bombed the front guard for the Wellington hard park to get some attention and it got plenty but going to change guard back, BUT here is some pictures of how she stands.

Have got some more plans for it that will be happening very very shortly will post again later when I get some more time to let you know whats going to be done etc.

Apologies for any grammar mistakes I'm not the best,

Chur Jaymee


  1. XPIMPX's Avatar
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    Just to a question Do I keep adding post's to my blog for updates or do I add a comment with the update?
    Updated 13th July 2012 at 05:05 PM by XPIMPX
  2. Planky's Avatar
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    Which ever suits mate, just more visible if you do multiple blog posts
  3. XPIMPX's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Planky
    Which ever suits mate, just more visible if you do multiple blog posts
    Thank you mate!
  4. XPIMPX's Avatar
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    Wicked Thank you!
  5. loenhats's Avatar
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    looks nice bro
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