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Andrews 98spec ITR and 98spec CR-V

Introducing the new Project - 1998 Honda CR-V

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Thought some on here may be interested in my next "build".

Earlier this year I had completed everything I had set out to with the Shuttle and also wanted a car a little more practical but sticking with my previous trend it had to be a little different from everyone else in NZ.

So I browsed trademe and came upon a 1996 Honda CR-V Automatic $1 reserve auction from one of the car dealers in town. I ended up winning it but decided I couldnt live with an Auto so sold it on a week later.
So I kept searching.

For those who arnt aware it can be quite hard to find a Manual CR-V, particularly for a fussy bugger like me who was only interested in a JDM import due to having all the nice little extras
They were only made from 1998-2001 and from what I can tell not a lot were sold compared with Auto's.
The "98spec" ones come with 282mm front brakes, Yellow gauge cluster as opposed to orange, 5x114.3 hubs, floor handbrake rather than dash mounted and a different "table" thing between the front seats.

Anyway, I found one, 99,000kms needs a cambelt etc and a few cosmetic dents which I will get fixed, silver (my prefered colour) and almost fully optioned. It was in Auckland but luckily on the night I won the auction my parents were up there so they bought it home for me the next day.

First thing I did was install a Panasonic In Dash DVD/CD player with 7" screen and BuddyClub shiftknob I had lying around:

At some stage during all of this (I think it was even before I had bought a CR-V) Chris @ Strong Honda contacted me telling me they had a Mugen Equipped CR-V come in and ask if I wanted any bits? YES!
So I ended up with:
-Mugen Grill
-Mugen C pipe (full exhaust was never an option from Mugen)
-Mugen Headers (CR-V specific to clear transfer case)
-Bilstein Shocks with RS*R lowering springs

Sadly the rear muffler flange on my B-pipe is rusty as fcuk so I havnt installed the muffler yet, need to weld on a new flange (which I have)
But I did polish the Headers and install them:

I also have all parts for the Cambelt thanks to Ben (logger) and also replaced the rear diff fluid with Honda CVTF as on tight turns (when it sensed the was a speed difference between the front wheels it engages the rear diff via a hydraulic clutch pack in the diff) the diff rumbled.

I have also installed:
-EGR Plastic Headlight covers
-Pioneer Componet Speakers
-Ultra Racing 19mm Rear Sway Bar thanks to Pro Wholesale

More to come as parts arrive!
I have bits coming from Japan thanks to MoonLight Racing and have selected wheels just need to save up and order them (all 5 of them!) they are a little different than what you may expect

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  1. R8edM's Avatar
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    So awesome!
    Will be keeping a close eye on the build.
  2. GROU3E's Avatar
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    looking foward to see more, and good score on a manual crv. Funny enough I just saw the images of the mugen crv at strongs on their facebook page tonight.
  3. WingIt's Avatar
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    Thans guys, nothing to serious will be happening. Just a tidy up and some basic bolt on mods. Want to keep it comfortable and practical. I have the Integra for going quickly/being uncomfortable

    Will probably be a month or so before things start happening, have mods to do to the Integra first! Plus saving for a House slows down car part funds.
  4. avjoe's Avatar
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    That's exactly what you said about the shuttle and look how that turned out! but seriously looks sweet! Can't wait for this to progress!
  5. WingIt's Avatar
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    But Im 4years older now, I should have learnt from my mistakes.
  6. necsis's Avatar
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    Thats mean dude.

    Well done!
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