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Vindots DC5 type R

Angled Steering Rod/arm solution!!! :D

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Ok so I got this steering arm bracket, because my steering rod angled up so bad.

This should solve the problem.


  1. Gudgen's Avatar
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    So how is it installed?
  2. Gudgen's Avatar
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    Never mind. A quick google search revealed the answer. Are you using the inverted tie rod ends too? Have you seen the fabricated rear lower arms for the DC5?
  3. Vindots's Avatar
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    not sure at this stage, will get this thing installed first, but looking at the angle of the steering rod, i reckon 35mm raised in the steering arm would be fine, because, paul hughes from buddyclub UK told me that I would need to make sure that the steering rod is still angled "a bit up" and not parallel or straight to maintain factory geometry.. so yeah .
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