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1G CR-X Sunroof Pan Repairs

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I've had a rusty sunroof for some time now and it started leaking in the rain. I took the sunroof pan out and found a lot of corrosion in the left hand side of the pan. Lotusboy sold me another pan that only had a small section of rust, so the plan is to ask my painter to make one good pan from two and POR15 the absolute shit out of it.

Before the pan is sandblasted and welded the sunroof assembly has to be removed from it.

Make some sort of workbench and put the pan on it upside down

CRC all fasteners and leave to soak for a bit.

Remove the four nuts on the underside of the pan which hold the sunroof assembly on

Remove the nuts holding the electric motor on.

Turn the pan over. Remove the seal around the front of the sunroof. We are going to start by loosening the outer track.

Loosen the outer track by undoing this nut on both sides (bottom right)

And this screw on both sides

Pull the outer track upwards slightly on both sides:

next we are going to remove the wind deflector. pry the plastic covers off the wind deflector and undo the screw on both sides

undo the screws at the other end on both sides

fold the wind deflector back and undo the nut underneath on both sides


  1. The_Lorax's Avatar
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    remove the wind deflector

    unbolt the inner track at both ends

  2. The_Lorax's Avatar
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    There is a screw hiding under this white thing, which triggers the sunroof to lift up to clear the roof before it opens. You cannot get to the screw with the white thing in this position. To fix this. flip the sunroof over and move these cables either left or right. The top cable moves one side of the track and the bottom cable moves the other side.

    once the white thing is in this position on both sides you can get to the screw. Undo and remove the sunroof tracks from the pan
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    You now have the pan stripped and ready for sandblasting and rust repairs. Deliver it to your panelbeater, along with the car so he can fix any rust in the body around the sunroof hole.
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