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Project "Fuck knows what I want"

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Well, long story short, I broke my leg, sold my race car, bought a Torneo and spent 5 months crying about how its slow. Looking back, I think it was a great thing to do. Cars barely off the road, I traded up in sense of what I have to show for the money, but god I miss it. Anyhow. So I figure, I bought an SIR-T because of the mods it had, not because of the car. Bilstein Coilovers, low KM's, nice interior, pretty much factory everything else so I may as well modify it and enjoy it. Plans... No fucking idea. Im considering getting it going a bit faster. Looks is 99% of what I want this time round. I gave up on making the EG pretty purely because I knew I'd just be hurt when I crashed/bumped someone. So I want something comfy that looks good

Everyone likes pictures, so heres some of her when I just got it.

CF4 Torneo SIR-T by Jarred McLachlan, on Flickr

Torneo SIR-T by Jarred McLachlan, on Flickr

Gave her a clean and fitted the Anodised bolt kit I got


Before by Jarred McLachlan, on Flickr


After by Jarred McLachlan, on Flickr

So to come are:

Wire tuck
Valve cover
Replace horrible wedsports
Lower it further
Exhaust and replace the factory bose sub and amp

Thats all for now

Updated 4th April 2012 at 05:09 PM by Snapfrozen



  1. Blwncr's Avatar
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    Intake, header and exhaust, minimum of 2.5in first. Then once you've gone there if you wana get real involved you could go with some cams and valve springs and lightened flywheel along with a tuneable ecu. Link wire-in ecu, adapter harness to OBD1 with hondata or crome. Just my opinion though
  2. Snapfrozen's Avatar
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    Im thinking one of a few things. Will build it up then just swap it out

    1. F23a + supercharger
    2. H22a + supercharger
    3. H22a + turbo
  3. Green Machine's Avatar
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    option one.
  4. nzjono's Avatar
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  5. Snapfrozen's Avatar
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    Will be a long way away. I dont wanna charge the F20B... too expensive to fix if something goes. Plenty of tidying up to do before hand, so it may even turn out to be a pipe dream. We shall see
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