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  1. I has clutch!

    For anyone who hasn't heard my bitching, on the way to NIMM I noticed my clutch was a bit funny... Got to Taupo, parked at the house, enjoyed some brews, moved car in the morning and there was a MASSIVE puddle of brake fluid. At this point, I assumed I had a leak, didn't race, got her home (just) and ...
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  2. It's the little things...

    NIMM left me with a very sad clutch. Fortunately, I think it is only the slave/MC and not the clutch itself. I managed to score new replacements for under $100 for both so absolutely stoked and they'll go in this weekend.

    In the meantime, I decided I hate my whorey mankey shitty number ...
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  3. Hard top latches

    When I bought my hard top, it was clear the car hadn't had one on it before. I clipped the front latches on, slotted the rear in and google told me it wouldn't come off. The frustrating thing was that every time I went over a bump, it rattled a slight amount. The annoyingness + the scare that the fibreglass ...
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  4. New front lip

    Today, I did this. Because I can.

    Front lip is on, took a while when I was trying without the jack. My reasons. Low profile jack doesn't fit under car anymore Some handy dandy 2x4 wood fixed that and made some quick DIY ramps. More pics to come later.

    Props to Alex from ...
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  5. Christmas tree engine bay

    About to clean up the garage, working on the car today made me realise

    A. Im a messy mofo, and
    B. Dirty garages make life hard

    So with that in mind, everyone likes pictures.

    My soft top has seen better days, its rough as guts, but didnt leak. I decided ...
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