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Suspension. Check.

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Big thanks to Vinnie (Vindots) for the few PM's back and forth. It's good to know Honda Gods like you still associate with us plebs.

In a moment of weakness. Or perhaps supreme strength (but more than likely not) I decided to put down a deposit on some XYZ Super Sports.

The two week wait for them to arrive was torture. Largely due to me realising the tax year was about to finish and a sizeable tax bill will need to be paid. Oh well I've got a year to pay so it's all gravy.
When I got the call from Evan at Speedfactor I perked up a bit and popped in with 'my precious' (it's getting that way) for her re-constructive surgery.

Picked the blue beast up later that day. It was dropped 35mm and a tad more in the rear to flatten it out. The very first thing I did when attempting to leave was knock the exhaust on the driveway. Gotta get used to a lower car than stock. Also noticed the front lower brace seems to be both in a bad position and a fair bit lower than the rest of the car. Any time I come off speedbump the rear two points (of the front 4pt brace) are too far back so the wheels are going down before the whole brace has cleared the bump. Scraping has occurred once on a speedbump and once down a driveway with a grass middle rise.

I am now being careful.

On the performance side things have certainly shifted for the better. It now feels like it's cornering far flatter than ever before (with only me rolling about in my seat ). Although if I'm completely honest it does feel as if I would discover a fairly large amount of understeer if I was pushing it (which I wont except for on track). This is a flaw of the chassis (according to Vinnie) so it would happen regardless. It's just the new shocks make it more obvious to me.

Damper adjustments are easily made. But now I can't be arsed putting my rear seats back in so I can adjust the dampers quickly.
First thing I did was whack em on hardest and took it for a spin up Minden road. Was good fun and I now wish we were in a situation like Europe, where a two or three day trip could take you to six countries and countless windy and glorious roads. Aaahhhh well

After that fun was had I noticed my warrant was due in two days. DANG. Took it along and failed, obviously (just wanted the piece of paper saying why). So I've booked a LVV Cert for Tuesday.
Quoted 3hours and $460 for the suspension Cert. From what I gather this is close to normal. Though in a perfect world it would be cheaper.

Don't know where to go from here. Just have to enjoy it as it is. Speedfactor is like a man's Toy Shop so I may have to stay away for the time being.
Hopefully the TGA group of NZhondas has some movement so I can see others rides and get some ideas.

Thanks for the time. If you're from TGA a meet or dyno evening/afternoon should be something to consider. Just an idea.

Cheers. Rory


  1. rorymonsta's Avatar
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  2. gotvtec's Avatar
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    Good stuff!
    I haven't been up the Minden for years, might have to take a drive this weekend .

    PM Greenmachine and tell him to get his arse into gear and organise a meet before the weather turns completely to shit.
  3. DURTYEF3's Avatar
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    lol @ vindots = hondagod.
  4. PIGGKILLA's Avatar
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    vindots....... honda god??????? TUI! kekekeee
  5. rorymonsta's Avatar
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    It's a little bit true though
  6. Adam's Avatar
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    you get used to slowing down for every speed-bump, driveway or roadworks
  7. rorymonsta's Avatar
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    Yea the two or three scrape I have had are making me me very cautious. I do not trust the road any more.
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