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My CL1 continued

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D. Rear Strut (this one is hard to describe but easy to do when you see it)

You will need:
4x High tensile locknuts (with no skirt/flange)

1. Grab the backseat and pop it out of the two clips holding it at the front. Lift up and remove

[IMG] DSCF0523 by rorymonster, on Flickr[/IMG]

2. Remove the bolts holding the backrest along the bottom.

[IMG] DSCF0524 by rorymonster, on Flickr[/IMG]

3. Look under the speakers in the parcel tray. Locate and push out the 4 rectangular clips to detach the parcel tray.

[IMG] DSCF0548 by rorymonster, on Flickr[/IMG]

4. Push the backrest upwards to free it from the hidden clips

5. Remove the nuts and place the Rear Strut Brace on, it may need a wee bit of modification with a hammer. Once put back on after basing it screw on the locknuts nice and tight.

[IMG] DSCF0545 by rorymonster, on Flickr[/IMG]

[IMG] DSCF0546 by rorymonster, on Flickr[/IMG]

No pics for this next part but when you are doing it yourself you will see what I mean.

6. The Brace will now be pushing the parcel tray up and look generally uncomfortable.The aim is to make a few cuts so that the tray can be tucked under the brace, rather than removing a large chunk of the tray. So grab a craft knife. Pull back the insulation on the underside of the tray about 7-10cm. Now cut across just below where the tray bends to conceal itself behind the backrest. There is a good guide for you knife (it will be obvious once you look at it in person). Cut to where the Brace will be coming through the tray and make a cut forward/down.

7. Repeat for the other side to remove this large chunk of tray that would never be seen anyway as it's concealed by the backrest.Then make a cut back into the tray about the width of the brace (from where the brace comes through the tray so it can be tucked under the brace.)

8. Pop the speaker clips back in and it should be looking pretty good.

9. Make small cuts where it looks as though the brace is interfering with the tray. It should now look tidy so you can replace the seats and bask in your brilliance.


  1. HeyCharlie's Avatar
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    • permalink
    God damn dude lol. I think Im going to seatle for just my front UR brace and rear Tien brace for now lol. Good job though dude. Sweet to see your making progress
  2. rorymonsta's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Plus I now know how to take it all apart very quickly.
  3. HEZAT8's Avatar
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    • permalink
    i like!!!!! miss my old cl1
  4. RKL's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Nicely done mate, awesome write up
  5. riSiR's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Haha believe it or not, was actually looking at doing the front & fender UR braces on mine too - notice any difference cornering man?
  6. rorymonsta's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Yes some difference. The whole thing feels tighter, moving more as a single piece (the whole car). It's hard to describe really. I'm sure I would feel it more if I had better suspension.
  7. Reaper85's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Very nice write up man! I could never see myself do a very thorough, step by step write up. You should contact Ultra Racing and ask for sponsorship
  8. rorymonsta's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Ha. I wish they would. I would prefer Fortyone though. They have a wider range of goodies.
  9. Vindots's Avatar
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    Real enthusiast
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