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  1. Nissan on Honda Forum...? Could be worth a read... R32 Skyline

    well to start off with here is what the skyline looked like when i first got hold of her for $1000

  2. Record Honda grid for Hampton Downs SuperTourers

    The biggest field of racing Hondas ever assembled in New Zealand is set to open the action at the most exciting race meeting in New Zealand for years.

    Then Honda Cup is the opening act at the new V8 SuperTourer series inaugural weekend at Hampton Downs on February 17, 18 and 19 and again ...
    Non-Honda , Builds
  3. A few little extras.

    Have made a added a few little extra's to my EK this week so here goes.


    These were taken ...

    Updated 2nd February 2012 at 05:40 PM by PrivateRyan (Wrong catagory, again.)

  4. Stripping an EG4

    Started stripping out the EG for conversion into a track toy, so parts available for sale. Yell out if there's anything anyone wants.
    In other news - today I will wash the car, and tomorrow I shall attach a new passenger door. Although I may also pull out the aircon and box it up nicely for ...

    Updated 31st January 2012 at 01:54 PM by silver2k

  5. Turbo progress

    Exhaust done
    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120120_172322.jpg

    Intercooler mounted

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120113_145253.jpg

    Turbo mounted

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120113_145316.jpg

    All fitted up and running on a crome basemap

    Hey NZ from the US-img_20120130_181215.jpg
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