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  1. R33 GTS25t Blog

    Ok so i picked up a 96 R33 GTS25t in white

    Brief run down of the car

    1996 Nissan Skyline
    150 k's


    17x9 +20 Altia Rims
    3" Exhaust straight off the turbo
    RB20DET Wastegate Actuator
    Apexi SAFC II ...
    Builds , Non-Honda
  2. Pics - coz I screwed up the first attempt.

  3. My Green Machine

    Not to be confused with HZH user GreenMachine
    My first project car. Something for me to learn on as I don;t know much but want to learn. My motivation goes up and down and I'm in no REAL hurry, so no deadlines or anything. So pretty much doing thing when I can, where I can, when I feel like ...

    Updated 26th February 2012 at 07:17 PM by djb160

  4. Guess the KW! Getting tuned next week!!

    Alright since I have the big retune next week, i thought i'd see what everyone thought my new figure will be...

    Here's a link to the STM blog which has my last dyno figures aswell as a list of all ...
  5. DA6 Build Blog

    Gona Be a very slow build as funds are very low atm, but hopefully will pick up. So i got a 89 DA6 Integra about a week ago, pretty much standard apart from the exhaust and someones painted the rocker cover and fuse cover blue? not too sure why, but anyway so far iv removed the spoiler and pretty much ...
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