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  1. Part 6 - K20 Shuttle - Dash prep

    In an attempt to get down to minimum weight, many of the Honda Cup racers whip out the dash and put the original binnacle or a few after market gauges back in.

    Using the democratic system we had a vote. Dash or no dash. Dash won 4-0. Our thoughts were that the EF has a particularly ugly ...
  2. CL1 OBD1 Conversion.

    Had a bit of time spare after re-calibrating the dyno so descided to stick a obd1 ecu into my CL1 with a $20 conversion harness iv got.
    Hamiltron Mega Meat - Details & Who is Coming-img_0261-copy.jpg

    Stuck Coupe-Rs h22a map on it with a few changes for the euro r's difference and fired it up.
    Its not idling ...
  3. 1990 DA6 XSI Integra

    by , 22nd January 2013 at 02:09 AM (Slow Club EF7 CRX)

    Here's a little blog about my not so daily XSI

    So it started with me swapn a DA8 for this DA6 midway through 2012

    It then sat for a good few month's after finding out the engine was dud.

    In looking around for engine's there weren't to ...
  4. Part 5 - K20A Shuttle - Weight loss

    Big Al is always telling us weight is bad... until we tell him to lose 10kg! Less weight = more speed is his catch cry. He hates weight up high and on the ends. You see him smiling when he gets hold of the cutting disc or grinder.

    Yes, the Shuttle needs a decent dose of Jenny Craig. What ...
  5. Ok back on track

    Hi All, Ive got the engine out again and did the timing its lookin good this time. ....I hope.... Ill drop it back in in the next few days and hopefully that will be the last of it. Im also gona do the gear oil while the engine is out might make things little more easy

    Thanks Oz
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