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  1. Reminder to be careful when buying OBD1 ECUS.

    Bought 3 stock OBD1 chippable ecus off trademe in the last 2 weeks.
    1 of them wasn't chippable, contacted seller and after lots of arguing being told I dont know what im talking about and that his mechanic had told him its defiantly chippable he finally gave a refund.

    2nd one was ...
  2. EK Civic hybrid mock up engine and other pieces

    Alright so i found the rest of my goodies waiting for me once i got back to work.
    I have:
    Innovative mounts
    innovative axles
    ebay extended top hats
    tow hook
    Seen bellow,

    So i chucked the top hats ...
  3. Eg4 Hatch Civic Project Part 1

    Here is my 1994 eg4 Honda Civic Hatchback, Everything so far is stock except the suspension, its on super lows all round. So far i have decided to make it my project car as well as my daily. Car is really clean and tidy inside out more pics will be uploaded and progress goes.


    Updated 23rd January 2013 at 10:34 PM by white swan

  4. Part 3 - K20A Shuttle - Engine removal, wiring and stripping

    Time to get rid of the old single cam'er. It was surprising how well it went considering its age and kilometres. Someone want it complete with ECU and shifter? Give us a call and donate to the K20 project.

    Next up wiring and ...
  5. after the rebuild

    since the rebuild, ive been doing small things to the car to make it more reliable.
    i had already put some new rear tires when a first bought the car but wanted to buy some new ones for the front
    i had some spare time and money these holidays so i thought i would change my rack and tie ...
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