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Sil80 Needs <3

Jerk Fest Prep

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So Jerk Fest is coming I better get finished!

Brought a Bride seat rail.... Turned up rusty as fuck, Looks like its been outside for two years or something rather annoying.

Anyway best get stripping it and painting it so I can get a seat in!

This is going to take a while....

Started getting a few more things back in, The intercooler was mounted low and sat under the bumper. While I could and may get another sized intercooler we managed to mount this one higher.

We had to move all the joiners and pipes around alot but it does appear to mock up ok which is good, The only thing is the bumper iron now covers half of the cooler. I am going to basically cut holes and repaint this when we have it all going to allow more air flow.

Spent a bit of time looking at how we are going to fit the oil cooler, We are going to tip it upside down (hope this will still work ok have to check) and bolt it with extended bolts behind the bonnet latch. Basically it will sit between the intercooler and the radiator and bolt through the top. Airflow won't be perfect here but hopefully it will be enough and it won't have to work too hard, It'll still get air through the front grill to most of it anyway.

Hopefully bolt the turbo and manifold up tomorrow, finish the intercooler pipes and cut new oil return line. I will also drop the oil ready to replace fluids and double check everything!

Updated 8th October 2012 at 05:41 AM by ProjectDohc

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  1. Ebola_One's Avatar
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    Think the only problem with mounting the oil cooler upside down is you may end up with air in the cooler, unless when the engine's running you un-bolt it and hold it right way up for a few minutes to make sure the oil clears all the air - I suppose you could pre-load the cooler as well.
  2. ProjectDohc's Avatar
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    cheers I'll look into it. we can run it the right way up it's just because the lines will be at the top there is less direct airflow
  3. DC2r's Avatar
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    Hi nice build, I like what you are doing, what is Jerk fest? I am interest to cum along..?
  4. SiRge's Avatar
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    So glad you didnt go for the "No cut" option, looks fucken retarded.
  5. ProjectDohc's Avatar
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    bumper iron has already been cut and certed. I just made it sit higher in the gap
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