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Sil80 Needs <3

Loom, Paint and Goodies!

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Got some more painting done, Here is a sneak peak of the front.

The bumper iron etc is in the process of being stripped and painted, as well as the other little bits that go in front of there.

Almost finished the loom on the passenger side to match the drivers, I realise its not run inside which means I probably can't go quite as low but it will do for now. The front was almost low enough for me and my driveway when I brought this so its really about trying to save the wires from the tyres.

As a note this wasn't extended, I just pulled a little from each end. We are going to have to extend the wiper motor plug & I have taken the plugs off their mounts for the ABS. Still looks tidy enough in there though.

and lastly I brought something.....

This was me just chucking it into the car to see what it will look like when it has rails etc.

Probably going to go for NZKW rails, unsure about sliding or non sliding yet want them to sit as low as I can get.

Also need to get on the tread mill, these weren't quite made for a man of my size (not to far off though!)

Updated 8th October 2012 at 05:41 AM by ProjectDohc

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  1. gotvtec's Avatar
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    Shit this thing is progressing fast! Always had a soft spot for these things so it's great seeing this one getting treated as it should.
  2. ProjectDohc's Avatar
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    Cheers, Yeah I felt the same hence the purchase.

    It was fairly rough in places (not a dig at alex it was pre-exisiting!)

    Wanted to try and build something that is tidy for street and maybe the odd track day, most of these have been raped/crashed by now!
  3. trend.whore's Avatar
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    Yeah man shit it was rubbish when we got it haha, not perfect by any means when sold but was better!

    For the lowest rail you'll want a genuine Bride Low Max rail. If you get KW you will need 2 bits which makes it a bit higher (I think? Seems to be from my experience).
  4. ProjectDohc's Avatar
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    according to nzkw theirs are lower? there's a bride rail on trademe I might snap it up and try it. may only run drivers seat for now they are fairly tight haha
  5. trend.whore's Avatar
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    Try the Bride first. On our seat that was in there (albeit was bottom mounted) it sat really high due to the odd rails.
  6. ProjectDohc's Avatar
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    this is bottom mounted too
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