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EG put onto iPad cover :)

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Not exactly part of my 'build' but none the less, my pride and joy can now be seen on the back of my iPad

My girlfriend got it made up for me for my birthday, I personally think it's bloody cool!

Also, finally got the ITR wheels onto the civic the other day and loving how it sits. Just need the new exhaust system to arrive so I can wind the suspension down a little further to get the look I'm after


  1. Planky's Avatar
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    Thats wicked cool!
  2. Plague's Avatar
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    What an awesome idea
  3. Seshins's Avatar
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    thats cool man. is it me or does it have a nice airbrush look to it?
  4. nzjono's Avatar
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    Cheers dude, you'd have to talk to Luke (Bwarp) regarding the effects. He took it on his fancy camera
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