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Motul Honda Cup 2012-2013 Calendar announced

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Motul Honda Cup - the fastest growing club racing series and the biggest Japanese series in New Zealand - has announced a 2012-2013 calendar that will include three rounds with the blockbuster V8 SuperTourer championship.

The Honda series - which now has official support from Honda New Zealand and has also just commenced its first South Island winter championship - will run three rounds with the V8 SuperTourers, starting at Pukekohe on October 26-28 at the International 500 event.

Round 2 and Round 3 will be at Hampton Downs and Taupo respectively as part of a new summer series in the North Island for club racing classes.

With Honda Cup running a traditional summer season and V8 SuperTourers following a calendar year format, the Hondas will be back for their Round 4 at Hampton Downs, the first round of the V8 SuperTourers second season. Round 5 will be at the V8 SuperTourer meeting at Manfeild on March 16 and 17. Honda Cup supported both of these V8ST events earlier this year, and included a New Zealand record field at Hampton Downs.

Round 6 at Pukekohe in May - the series climax - will include a one hour two-driver enduro which it is hoped will attract several well-known NZ racing names in co-driver roles.

2012-2013 Motul Honda Cup Summer Season

• October 26-28 - Round 1 – Pukekohe 500 (V8 SuperTourers)
• November 10-11 - Round 2 – Hampton Downs
• January 12-13 - Round 3 – Tasman Revival, Taupo
• February 16-17 - Round 4 – Hampton Downs (V8 SuperTourers)
• March 16-17 - Round 5 – Manfeild (V8 SuperTourers)
• May 5th - Round 6 – Revised Pukekohe (includes 1 hour enduro)



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