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Wakelin announced as ‘works’ New Zealand Honda Club driver in Motul Honda Cup

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The New Zealand Honda Club, the country’s most popular car forum with around 13,000 members, has announced Edgecumbe driver Rik Wakelin as its ‘works’ driver in the Motul Honda Cup in a deal that is believed to be the first of its kind in New Zealand motorsport.

Wakelin’s Honda Civic will run in the current and future series with branding, featuring graphics that will be chosen from a competition run on the NZ Hondas site. The winner will receive a credit for the graphic design on the car itself and will also get some hot laps in several of the series cars.

The tie-up will add a new dimension to the hugely popular forum, with Wakelin compiling an on-site blog of his racing exploits, and coincides with a major rebranding exercise.

“Rik fits the profile of the target group for the New Zealand Honda Club forum and for the Motul Honda Cup series perfectly,” commented CEO Ben Foote.

“Our community follows Hondas in motorsport with real enthusiasm and we have been partners with the Motul Honda Cup for some time. As it has grown and developed it has become the perfect place for the guys and girls in the community who want to challenge their driving prowess – or indeed their engineering skills – out on the track in a safe and hugely exciting environment.

“Motorsport is an important part of the on-line community and having a proper race car out there competing should give lots of our members the excuse they need to go out and support both Rik and the series. These guys are determined to make their series a long term success and we share that goal. It’s a perfect synergy.”

the Honda club plans to market all future Motul Honda Cup rounds to its huge membership as it works with the series to develop Honda racing in New Zealand over the long term. Wakelin won one of the three races at the first round of the series at Taupo and is one of the country’s best Honda 1.6 racing drivers.

Details of the competition will be announced soon, but the designs must incorporate the new logo and red and black colours.


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Disclaimer: The New Zealand Honda Club is not affiliated with Honda New Zealand in any way.