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  1. Scott's R33 Turbo Build: Engine gets a new home.

    Over the last week or so the bulk of the work has been completed on the swap:

    All belted up:

    A slight tilt:
  2. Scott's R33 Turbo Build

    Prepping for engine removal:

    Over the last two days ive been sussing out what needs to be removed and how to do it. Never having done anything like this before its taken a bit longer than otherwise expected

    Let some of my mates loose on the car while i was sorting the engine ...

    Updated 3rd July 2011 at 07:13 PM by Horny_Devil

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  3. Scott's R33 Turbo Build

    First thing i did when i got my hands on the Blue car was to give the engine bay a quick once over to get some of the grime off as i may not have time for this again before the RB goes in.


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  4. Scott's R33 Turbo Build

    Hi guys, thought id post up my Skyline build as a lot of us seem to appreciate non-Honda builds as well

    Story started three years ago when i purchased a 1997 series 2 R33 coupe (turbo , manual etc) for a good price.


    Updated 15th October 2011 at 01:33 PM by H-series

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