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Build Thread of Suzuki Swift GTI TURBO

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Front brake vents turned up today!
In and fitted nicely, with a bit of behind the front bar trimming, should give the new brake set up a breath of fresh cool air
Waiting on Alloy radiator and Z speed tow hooks....


Aluminium Radiator in and tested!
Big difference in weight and cooling efficiency, pretty good upgrade for the system

Just need to race it.


Tow hooks in and mounted strongly,
Leaky, hard rocker cover gasket replaced,
Everything in the interior screwed, glued, bolted and zip tied down,
Just making up front under body brace and rear strut tower brace today and tomorrow.


Discovered a ticking noise.....

The wide band O2 sensor was showing very lean untill the engine got up to temp, yep, manifold gasket has a leak on number 1 cylinder due to the far left manifold bolt disappearing. Thank heavens it didn't snap off in the head! New gasket on its way and some spanner spinning too

I upgraded the rear brake pads to a semi metallic Nissan S15 pad, improved the braking dramatically ( compared to extreme brake fade and tire screeching madness on corners ).

Next trick is to drop the ride height, mostly at the rear as the car was incredibly difficult to get around corners at any speed ( especially with poor brakes ).

One thing I have learnt, when you use these little cars for track or circuit racing.... when you upgrade the power significantly, you need to totally re-engineer the whole set up! Don't get me wrong, I knew this was going to be the case, just not to this extent!

I will be setting this vehicle up for circuit, most likely now removing it from road use and committing it to a life of motorsport use only

Starting with the tie rods and front coil overs.


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