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Build Thread of Suzuki Swift GTI TURBO

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Hi all, I am in the process of builidng my GTi.
This time it's gonna be clean lined and fast(ish).
A nice mix of JDM Cultus,Swift and Suzukisport parts.


Yes I am going black and white as a theme with this one. Have done some painting and cosmetic stuff since this pic. Will take some pics tomorrow.

I am going the Suzukisport Group A set up, then tune in a t28 system on top.

I have finished the cylinder head and Manifolding today.
The block is 1mm over bore for the G16b pistons, decked for a Genuine APV MLS headgasket.
Shot peened Stock rods and a nitrided cranky....

Blah blah blah and so forth...

I have done much the same as others on this forum, engine wise...



I like the "two wheels" look of the wing mirrors, man they were a bas'tart to do! One hour each!!

Hahaha, one of my kuzzies said "girls would like it", but he paints everything black (a Rolling stoner?). I am happy with the results. The parts are actually hand painted with new Plastikote paint and lavishly covered with matching clear! The stuff smells like apples, and is candy apple metalic red.

Did the "rocker top" too.

I won't paint the headers tho Will anti rust and header wrap em.

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