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Heater fan fefurb.... take 2

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Well, another tough Friday evening's work on the car.

Today, thanks to Geary's excellent service at Eliseparts, my new heater blower arrived!

Sadly, it looks like it didn't survive its transcontinental trip in the best shape and upon opening the box it was clear to see it'd taken quite a knock. This casing was quite out of shape too!

I had a bit of a look over it and it looked repairable (my last casing certainly wasn't!) so I decided to use it, although I'd have to strip it down, panelbeat it and then rebuild it... so not quite the hassle-free solution I'd hoped for! Eliseparts were very helpful too and agreed to give me a discount on my next purchase, which will be coming shortly.

So with that, it all got a bit deja vu! I stripped the casing down and whacked it about a bit with a ball pein hammer. After about 20 minutes I'd gotten it back into its correct shape again.

I then set about stripping the paint off with the wire wheel and emery. The paint the blower comes with is extremely fragile and thin, which is half the reason they rust out so badly when exposed to the UK elements. This casing was much nicer to strip because I didn't have the rust to contend with!

This would get the POR15 treatment to cover the scratched paint where I'd bashed it a bit and also to protect it with a much more resilient coating.

I got the first coat on, but then ran out of brushes. Given that it was now 2am, I decided to call it a night. I left the casing hanging at work drying. I'll get up early in the morning, pop down to Placemakers and buy some more brushes and get a second coat on before it completes its 12 hour cure cycle.

Hey, at least I got further than I did last weekend!

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