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More teething problems...

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Well, not much has been going on this past month so, I've been working some pretty insane hours at work, so not had much tinkering time. Still, I managed to get the car down to Hampton Downs on Saturday for a bit of fun.

My father came up too to share the drive with me so I was very much looking forward to the day! My father especially so, since it was his first time on track AND his first time sitting in a Lotus since he had his accident nearly a year ago to the day that destroyed his beloved Elise and nearly killed him.

The car ran pretty well for my first session on track. I'm still plenty rusty and need some more seat time, but I managed to carve another second off my best laptime, and am now managing very low 1:15s laps, even when a bit messy. The car as is should be capable of at least a second quicker again when I can get my eye in. Not too bad for a compromised road/track setup and 5 year old tyres. Some new semi-slicks will see the car run even quicker I think.

Here's the video of my only session on track, you can see how skittish the car is on cold tyres on the out-lap!

For the next session my father climbed aboard. His first few laps were very cautious as he started to get used to an unfamiliar, and much quicker, car than his old Elise. He was pretty rusty, but he was having fun!

On about his 5th lap however, when exiting the sweeper, this happened (click link):

He couldn't get a gear at all and coasted the car to a stop. Once stopped, all gears selected just fine. He was able to select first, start the car and limp back to the pits.

Once there we figured something was up with the clutch hydraulics, perhaps a master cylinder as it was possible to select gears (albeit clunkily), and the bite-point of the clutch wasn't as defined any more, it was softer and more spongy, for want of a better word, although it wasn't slipping at all. However, after a couple of drives around the car park, the clutch started making some gentle whirring noises and emitting a fair bit of smoke when trying to slip it away from a standing start, which showed that something had likely broken in the clutch itself.

So, we managed to limp it back to JC and Nixx's place in Pukekohe, where it now rests, keeping their machine company:

This weekend, I'll drive it into KW to get Ken to start taking a look at it. I've not got the time or space to do it at the moment (at least not without it taking a couple of months) so it's probably better Ken having it over at his shop for a bit.

Oh well, at least it was fun while it lasted!

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    Bad luck about the clutch, your shift light is pretty wicked!
    Great to see your getting out and enjoying it.
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