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More extinguisher stuff...

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Well it's been a slow few weeks. Having the car buried in the back of a shed halfway across town as well as having other things going on in life has meant little time to spend working on or enjoying the beast.

However, I finally got the replacement extinguisher parts from the UK and this weekend I set about finishing off the mechanical installation of the extinguisher system.

I had originally planned to mount the remote charge cylinder inside the centre footwell divider to keep everything hidden. The routing of the braided hose and access to it for replacement/servicing would be a major issue, so I reverted to plan B.

This involved modifying the extinguisher bracket I'd made up to take the remote charge cylinder as well.

Here you can see the remote charge cylinder mounted alongside the extinguisher cylinder on the bracket:

This remains nice and tidy since it sits underneath the passengers' seat and unlike the centre divider option keeps the braided hose out of harm's way from people climbing in and out of the car.

This assembly is now bolted back in the car, and I've just got to measure up for wiring and get the looms made (which will happen next week). Then I can finish the dash assembly and the extinguisher, and the car's interior will be 100% complete.

Then I've just got to modify the Canton oil filter housing to take a lockwire then it's time to hit the track!

Here's hoping for some nice Autumn weather (after literally the crappiest Auckland summer on record) so I can enjoy the thing!
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  1. wilditr's Avatar
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    Not sure if you have seen this or if it even interests you.
  2. Esprit's Avatar
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    That's Frank's car.... I've seen that car evolve over the years... he's as mad as a snake that man, but what he's produced is a wonderful thing.... if a little vulgar
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