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Custom gearknob badge

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Well work has continued these past couple of days. Mainly clean-up type stuff. All of the interior fabrics have been meticulously cleaned, as has the interior of the tub. All alloy components have been treated with ACF50 to ensure ongoing corrosion resistance.

Tonight I hope to get the rear clam offered back up in place, get the car washed and clay-bar'd and then polished up, which will be the first time it's looked anything like a car in a long looong time.

Another thing that arrived today, is one of those VERY cool little "finishing" things that really ice the cake on a job like this.

You'll recall that the car's running a Quaife 6-speed gearbox now in place of the original Rover PG1-B4BP Close-Ratio box. The stock gearknob, which I've reverted to has the gearshift-pattern on a small badge on the top of the knob. What I wanted to do was to keep the car 100% stock-looking with the new box, so I've had some badges made up using the exact same "metalphoto" anodising process as the OEM badge.

I destroyed my original 5-speed badge in the experimentation process, but here's a photo of it, alongside the CAD rendering I did of what I designed to replace it:

I got the completed badge back today and it's bloody perfect... the badge is a dead-ringer for the original one, so I'm very very happy.

It's the little finishing touches like this that I think really make a project like this... hopefully showing that genuine thought and effort has gone into ensuring everything is just right
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