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Oil leak.... well, it IS British...

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Well a good and bad day today.... I've just had a call from Glenn and the car's all on the dyno. Some preliminary mapping work has been done and it's looking all as it should... the engine is a cammy wee bastard and it just won't take any fuel up until about 3500RPM up until which point the thing just gulps it in.... it's definitely going to be a screamer!

The bad news is that the car seems to be leaking oil out of the rear main crank seal. Nothing major but enough to mean that the gearbox has to come off to sort out. Because I'm running the 6-speed Quaife box, this means the whole engine needs to come out..... FUCK!

Not really the news I'd been hoping for, but I guess in the end of it, if that's the worst to come from it, then it's not the end of the world.

I know that others who have built VHPD engines lately (I'm thinking Clive AKA MrBean) have also had trouble with the rear mainseals as supplied in the Rover seal kits, which leads me to believe the seal design is flawed. I seem to remember someone mentioning that there was a better seal out there, so I'mma see if I can't find out more about that in the next day or two.

Off to Glenn's in the morning and we should be in a position to tow the car away by lunchtime all going well *touches wood*.

I'm going to talk to Ken in the morning and see if he's got a spot there to take my car as I don't really want to trailer it back to mine, only to trailer it back to KW at a later date.

I'd rather Ken did it as I'm sure he could do it with his eyes closed, and I'm REALLY not in the mood to go pulling my own engine out in a cramped garage at this stage of the game.

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