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Got the exhaust leak fixed and a new cv boot thrown on. When they done the exhaust they took the resonator out by my request, makes a teeny tiny bit of sound difference and a little better performance difference.

Will put photos up next time I have it up on a lift, the work done was pretty good. Got the work done by Midas in New Lynn.

Also had to modify the 6x9 surrounds to get spacers to fit so the 6x9s would fit. This was a mission and involved some serious dremmilling. After this was done they fit well and sound decent.

Had to take my whole door panel off to get to the 6s in the front. Wasn't that hard and had it all up and running in less than 30 mins

I managed to find a guy in Torbay to get my air con fixed, was pretty expensive considering. And to my surprise it blows ice cold air! Thank fuck it doesn't need re-gassing.

Now my air con surround is sitting in the back seat along with my centre console as I broke the air con surround trying to get to the air con unit so if anyone has an air con surround for a CD8 accord lying about please let me know.

Will update more as I go along and with photos as I get to them.

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