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Engine Bay work

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So after the engine came out, i degreased it down as mentioned in my previous post and although in pics it looked good in person it was peeling, oxidised, chipped, scratches, allsorts.

Given the engine was rather clean looking, i didnt want to go all out Spending Huge amounts on getting it smoothed and painted to show car quality. I just wanted it to look better then it did so got ahold of forum user VT (voda) to see if he could just throw down a quick spray in the garage! haha.

Just painted

Given the conditions of the weather, the wind and my dusty as f*ck garage he came over with some paint on a saturday and we went to town in between beers. After few hours and few beers later it came up sweet. Garage job, for f*ck all $ and bit of dust etc but sooooo much better then it was previously! Guy doesn't do cashies anymore, so i was lucky to drag his ass out too do it! Shot bro

Mocked up

During this time, i was also going over the engine and the problem with the pulley (N1 CTR). After speaking to quite a few people with similar builds previously and alot of whoring H-T etc i pulled this pulley off and opted for a good condition factory one which has the internal harmonic dampner in it to aid with vibrations on the crank. I got it balanced through Franklin Engines out here in Puke before it went on. Hopefully no f*cked oil pumps! (this is a common cause with the n1 pulley)

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