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Brake problems and fix...

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Since I've owned the car the brakes have been spongy and pretty crap. Finally got sicf of them and having SIMM coming up didn't really want substandard braking.

Bled the brakes but unsure if we got out of sync at some point and let in some air or not. Either way brakes were worse after this. Decided to take the car into the shop and get a pro with better equipment inspect it.

Result: Stuffed master cylinder.

Solution: Instead of getting my tiny one rebuilt only to throw away when upping my brakes to preludes and rear disks decided to go get my prelude master cylinder and see if that would fit. Turns out it they had to swap over the booster as the bolt pattern is 90 degrees out, but the lines went straight in as far as I know and it was in good condition and didn't need a rebuild itself. $240 later I has real brake feel again and have upgraded in advance to what I think is a 15/16 system. Pretty sure it's not a 1" one. But shit I'm happy. Will edit and add a pic soon.

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    Good to hear you have the brakes sorted before SIMM. See you there
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