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Window Trim Respray.

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Righto, so my window trim has had some come off, has been like this since I bought it. So thought I'd have a go at respraying it. End result is not something I'm super happy with so will take what I learned from this attempt and redo them another time. Any advice/suggestions is welcome.



yeah it's probably overkill but I don't care...


Top Coat:

End Result:


What I learned:
The results have showed me that I just haven't got the result I was looking for so next time I'll actually bother to sand back the black stuff. Also I'll grab some black primer as well. Not sure why I got a bit of leaking on the drivers side, I thought I'd taped/masked it up well enough but I guess not. Will just be a bit more fussy next time.


  1. R8edM's Avatar
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    Iv did the same job to my Ek. I didn't prime it though.
    Just made sure the surface is clean and dry, and painted very light coat, wait for it to dry and then paint a light coat again and continue until your happy.
    Had no issues at all.
  2. Coupe-R's Avatar
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    Perhaps take off the trim? Guess that would take longer though and posibility of breaking clips
  3. djb160's Avatar
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    Next time I do it (ASA I'll sand it down and get it as clean as I can without taking it off, then spray.
  4. kimo's Avatar
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    Taking the window trim off is actually really easy, you just take off the mirrors, and then you can easily pop out the trim pieces. Here's a good guide on refurbishing them. Civic EG :: View topic - How to fix that chipping & peeling window trim.
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