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Slow Club EF7 CRX

so almost a year ago i picked up a 89 ef7 crx possible off a member on here

thank's tough economical time's and being a student upgrades have been slow haha

when i got it alot of the hard stuff was done like full wire tuck to 0bd0 b16 and battery relocation

plan is to start with club event's then go from there

  1. 1990 DA6 XSI Integra

    by , 22nd January 2013 at 02:09 AM (Slow Club EF7 CRX)

    Here's a little blog about my not so daily XSI

    So it started with me swapn a DA8 for this DA6 midway through 2012

    It then sat for a good few month's after finding out the engine was dud.

    In looking around for engine's there weren't to ...
  2. Preping for paint

    so since the engine bay didnt go down it's time for the body to get preped and ready for paint

    95% of a good looking job come's down to the prep work. so have gone to the bottle store picked up some beverage's to battle the dry's
    and goin to start on the body tonight
  3. Hater's guna Hate

    So iv'e gone back on my word and installed the gen 2 b16a and have it all up and running with no problem's at all! well yet....

    So what has prompted this sudden engine install and no paint on engine bay??

    HATER'S! ha!

    We all know one.. "bru honders r ...
  4. Gathering part's, needing time!

    by , 17th September 2012 at 01:57 PM (Slow Club EF7 CRX)
    Well where to start....

    Alot of talking, thinking, brainstorming has been happening!

    I've gone the long way but the cheap way and now have a strong, proven motor for the crx

    some might have seen the white eg9 i parted out (still have part's ) I have gone ...
  5. b16a smoking... need help

    so a few month's ago i brought a b16a off ace auto's in palmerston north

    If anyone know's them they are generally good havnt heard anythink bad about them
    when i seen the motor i was a bit hesitent in buying it as it had a spray painted valve cover so give's the idea of the people ...
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