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EF2 Civ New Project. First time Honda, long time Toyota.

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This is my first Honda to own. I have always had a soft spot for all the Civic's but never thought to get one and try it out. An opportunity to own the 91 Civic below presented itself a few weeks ago, I picked it up for a steal (under $500) with an engine miss. I wasn't too worried about the engine as I've done plenty of conversions on Toyota, but it was the clean body with no rust that made me go for it, ohh and I love the moon roof...

I have done a few essentials already in the pics above. The body has some 200k on it. The engine miss turned out to be something to do with the cold-start (rich as heck when starting in the mornings) fouling the plugs. My temporary resolution is to hold the revs up a bit when you first start it till it will idle up on its own.

When I first got the car, it was obvious to say the car had been neglected for a few months, green was growing from its corners, moss on the windscreen and the mags and tires where the same color of brown brake dust making them appear like they were a one piece mag&tyre.

A few washes got the worst off. Acid clean the rims, tires and engine bay made a world of diff. Lastly I wet'n'dried the headlamps and polished them with a $12 polish kit (super-heap).

The first few mods have started already, fitted front strut brace (rear ordered). Changed out the shot 6" speakers and found Blaupunkt 6.5" component speakers to fit the factory pods with small mods.

Its a good start to get the ball rolling and I love driving this car. Even though the motor is pretty tired, I have tuned it up. As it is, it's quicker then my friends DC Integer (D16 ZC) so I'm happy

One of my Toyota projects (still own)
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  1. EFNA's Avatar
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    Good score! What are your plans? It even came on some watanabes! Are they 14"s?
  2. brotherd's Avatar
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    Plan is to go to EF9 status. So far so good as I just collect a complete EF9 running car. The wheels are 14 x 6.5, Watanabe copies. They are actually made by Racing Black, still made in Japan but not the same. I kinda like them so may hang onto them for the future. What about your own EF Civ?
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