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NZHondas #32.......getting ready for summer!

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Hi all, well it`s been ages since i did an update so here goes.
The EG Hatch is at SpeedFactor at the moment so Nick can work his magic on my (almost non existant) rollcage. I called into the workshop yesterday to see if they had started work....well, it`s pretty much done. So now I have a true 8 point cage that is now gusseted to the A and B pillars. Prior to this work there were no gussets at all so the cage just `floated` with no chassis rigidity at all.

I was pretty happy with how the car performed last season (apart from my electrical gremlins) So with the cage now doing what it is supposed to do i`m thinking #32 will be a whole new beast handling-wise.
Further upgrades will be all new Hankook Slicks with softs for the rear this year, also wil be running the Hankook Full wets as my wet driving needs all the help it can get! I was going to change my FD to a 4.7 as i thought we weren`t racing at Puke anymore, but it seems that we are so will stick with the 4.4 FD for now and will look at a set of cams that`ll get me well into the 150+ kw range (at the wheels) but paramount in the cam choice will be retaining plenty of midrange!

Once again, finace will be my biggest opposition so i`ll be aiming for some decent results so I can then go cap in hand to gain some support. Huge thanks to NZHondas for the graphics (and Matt for the design) These are in a prime possy on the car so I recon if the heireichy has any pull with their sponsors the maybe we could look at coming up with a package for the coming season. I`m looking at doing all of the rounds this year so will be aiming for a better position than the 10th overall that I placed last year, with a little support i`m confident that this is very do-able. If anyone has any questions about Honda Cup or just getting into motorsport in general, please feel free to get in touch with me, consequently if anyone is keen to help out at any of your local rounds, give me a yell as any help is greatly appreciated. I`ll be at round 2 of the winter series at Hampton Downs tomorrow helping out one of our esteemed leaders...Mr Gee in the K20 powered EK Hatch. Hopefully will see a few forum users at the track. Keep an eye out for my posts after each of the summer rounds, I may even throw up some race footage to youtube.


  1. WingIt's Avatar
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    Look forward too seeing you doing well this year Rik, car looks great!

    Will try make it to at least the Taupo round if not more as its a great day out and great racing
  2. dox's Avatar
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    awsome Rik, wheres the pics at?
  3. brappn's Avatar
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    Will post as soon as i get the car home, will be fabing up a new dash/ guage cluster as well.
  4. shiftyjonno's Avatar
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    It was good to meet you at Hampton. The car looks awesome!! :-)
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