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Got a new build that you want to showcase? This is where you should be doing it.

  1. CL1 OBD1 Conversion.

    Had a bit of time spare after re-calibrating the dyno so descided to stick a obd1 ecu into my CL1 with a $20 conversion harness iv got.
    Hamiltron Mega Meat - Details & Who is Coming-img_0261-copy.jpg

    Stuck Coupe-Rs h22a map on it with a few changes for the euro r's difference and fired it up.
    Its not idling ...
  2. D 1.6L turbo build: Strip and inspection.

    Didnt have any time on Friday to get into it but had a little bit of time this morning while a client finished up fitting his turbo before his tune.
    Was considering fitting a flywheel to it and doing a compression test but seemed like more work then it was worth.
    Still managed to do a leak ...
  3. 1.6L turbo build begins.

    My B16A ticked over 160,000k's today-img_0155.jpg
    Just got the D16a7 from Byron who picked it up off Todd for me from NIMM.

    Will be doing bearings and seals with vitara pistons and aftermarket rods.
    May also do a bisimoto 2.4 turbo cam with port and valve train upgrade but will see how funds go. ...
  4. Long time update.

    Havnt really done much more. Just playing around with the tune (the best i can with injectors that are too big),
    And doing stuff that will be required for my cert.
    Rate my Ride-img_0583.jpg
    Replaced the rear rotors and pads since the old ones were so bad you could confuse them ...
  5. Gasket blow out (Fixed)

    Just driving around to my mates place this afternoon and it was making a weird sound, but only at part throttle.
    So I put my foot down a little bit more and pop the exhaust manifold gasket blew out (At first I thought I had cracked the headers) and made my car get loud as hell. Then go around ...
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