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Gasket blow out (Fixed)

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Just driving around to my mates place this afternoon and it was making a weird sound, but only at part throttle.
So I put my foot down a little bit more and pop the exhaust manifold gasket blew out (At first I thought I had cracked the headers) and made my car get loud as hell. Then go around the next corner and there was a police stop.
I really thought I was going to get green snickered but the cop was all nice about it and said to make sure I got it fixed with in 24 hours.

Iv just fixed it now by sticking my old factory one back in, All the bolts were nice and tight still so I can only put it down to it being defective since a chunk of it is broken off.
Other then that and that my O2 sensor died over the weekend the car has been going fantastic. Furtherst iv pushed it is 8.2psi so far then the O2 died and only reads 7.8:1 AFR all the time. At the time of its dead AFR was 11:1 so it may of just gotten carboned to death but I wont know till I get time to pulled it out on Friday.


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    fuck that. lucky it didnt turn to shit man
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