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Slippage ahoy 2.0.

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Heavy duty clutch kit has arrived.
Only just caught the courier and they were doing there usual and not even knocking on the door just putting a call card in the letter box.
So Im going to have to lay another complaint, If I hadn't been checking out the window every time I heard a van pull up on the road I would of missed it.

Hopefully the weather is fine tomorrow (Saturday) so I can change it in my garage and rebuild the gearbox with the new input shaft bearing. But if its not then Ill just do it on Monday at the workshop.
So with that I guess ill be destorying anything thats left on the current clutch tonight with a few boosts,

Updated 13th July 2012 at 01:20 PM by bmgjet



  1. avjoe's Avatar
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    That's actually happened to me twice. must be more common than I thought
  2. Bigelboe's Avatar
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    Has happened to me a few times as well, lazy sods.
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