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Slippage ahoy.

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Well only managed to get 300ks out of the clutch I got off mainsilverhaze before it started getting turned into dust,
So Iv got a HD clutch kit on its way from PRO Wholesale who gave me a really good price I couldn't say no to.
Also here are some more bits to go in at the same time, New Honda MTF and A new Inputshaft bearing

Im hoping it will arrive Tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday so I can install it over the weekend which will leave me 2 more days to keep tuning it before I start back at course.


  1. DURTYEF3's Avatar
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    Hi there, Please stop going so fast with your build. I feel like a lazy prick with mine not even being power tuned yet haha.. Slow done!! ahha Good job mate
  2. avjoe's Avatar
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    While the gear box is out you may aswell drop a forged d16 in there ha. looks good mate
  3. bmgjet's Avatar
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    If a build takes more then a month when you have the money and parts then you are a lazy prick lol. This build has taken me a little longer then I was planing due to some parts coming from over seas and the work shop being busy.
    Only got enough funds left to get a D16 engine and LSD so going to take my time finding one so I can build up some money to get rods and pistons at the same time.

    Might have to raise my tuning prices so I can get all that sooner lol.
  4. avjoe's Avatar
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    <3 inflation lol
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