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Turbo Build D13/D15B vtec EG8 - Step 4 (5/7/12)

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Every thing bolted up.

Every thing went together nicely. All thats left to do is finish the exhaust off since its only running to the mid pipe at the moment.
Was hoping to finish the exhaust today but it rolled over to 5PM and I got kicked out of the garage.
So ill be back at it early tomorrow and around 10-11AM should have it on the dyno.
For its final tune.

Build price just ticked over to $1039 for turbo parts since I needed to get a new sump gasket.
So if you cut a few corners and do all the work yourself theres no reason you couldn't stay with in 1K.


  1. beowolf455's Avatar
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    Good stuff, interested to see how much it makes
  2. bmgjet's Avatar
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    Iv already got a fair idea from other turbo hondas iv built for people but not going to share it until iv got a dyno sheet to back it up. You know how every one is around here when its comes to numbers.
    Its also spooling a lot sooner then I thought. Boost starts building at 3.5Krpm and slowly comes on until 5krpm where it just goes nuts. But I imagine ill get a bit more lag once the exhaust is finished.
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