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Turbo Build D13/D15B vtec EG8 - Step 3.3 (16/6/12)

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Step 3.3

Had some extra cash on me from lunches from the last week since Iv been getting the $4.90 pizza each day instead of spending $10-15 on burger fuel or subway.
So I picked up a cheap oil pressure gauge from repco. Which would also allow me to install the oil lines adapter for the turbo.
Wiring up the electronics side was easy as and I ran another CAT 5 cable though the firewall so I have 2 more wires spare for extra sensors if I go for a electronic boost and water temp gauge.

I didn't really have any room to mount the gauge so its just cabled tied on the dash by the vent.

Its in there quite solidly and in nice view.
Also does any one know what the normal oil pressure is for a D series vtec. With mine
Warm idle:39psi
Warm 1.5k-5.5K 80psi
Warm 5.5K+ 75psi (vtec)
Cold Idle 100+psi (goes off the gauge)
Cold drive 90-100+psi

As it is I have the stock sensor blocking off the hole that the turbo line will bolt into, since I broke the wire taking it off i wont bother reusing it.
I will say that it did fight me most of the way. Taking out the stock sensor the socket didnt want to stay on it since I only has a short socket and it was only just long enough to go on the thread and still attach to the ratchet.
And I had to take the oil filter off to get to the pressure sensor.
And apon trying to fit the T piece in it really didn't want to go in. The manifold wouldn't let me turn the T since it was hitting it so then I was forced to take the manifold off (guess D15/16 dont have this problem with there taller blocks).
At this point the wind in the garage picked up and my thread tape un-rolled its self lol.
There was no way I could get a torque wrench on the T piece so I couldn't do it up to the manuals torque setting so instead I opted for hand tight then another 60 degrees with a spanner so the outlets where in the right
direction, it still feels quite lose with the spanner but its way more then hand tight (even using the T bits as leverage). I shouldn't have to worry about it coming un-done tho since if it tightens it will hit against the manifold and if it losens it hits against the oil filter.
So then I stuck the manifold back on before I stuck the aftermarket pressure sensor in (total mind fart) so I had to try do it up from the bottom which took forever since I could only turn 15-20 degrees at a time because the drive shaft was in the way. But 15mins latter it was done up.

Screwed the sensors wires in and started up while I checked for leaks.
I let it idle up to full temp with news paper under it so any drips id see right away. There wernt any so I took it for a blat around the block then came back and parked over the news paper again and let it cool down fully (1 hour).
There were no drips again so it looks to be everything is sealed properly.
Iv gone for 3 drives so far and still no drips on the news paper when I came home and parked up each time.

I was going to weld up the sump drain and exhaust but I couldn't since the welder is out at my step dads and he is away at field days.
So Ill have to leave that till Monday.

Also here is my washer bottle relocation.

Filler stalk was much to tall so I cut it down and plastic welded it.
Plastic weld doesn't look the best but its not going to leak and thats the main thing.

Updated 26th June 2012 at 04:57 PM by bmgjet


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